Escape Room with Dinner 

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€ 72,50 p.p. incl. vat


Min. 40 personen 


Three-course dinner


Escape Room quiz including guidance and materials

Price for the winning team
Private bar

Escape Room Dinner in Amsterdam

A completely new Dinner game, based on the concept of the Escape Room! A table game full of riddles, clues, brain challenges and necessary teamwork. Will you score points for your team or provide thinking? Will you escape the dishwashing crew by use of insight or tactics? In short, the game is suited for everyone, because in the end it is all about the points. Will your team pass the challenges of this game and become the smartest? First have a glass of wine or a beer and then set out to see if you can find the first ‘key’ to success. Will you manage to crack and combine the available clues? Our game leader will keep a close eye on the teams and might just put you on the wrong foot. In the last 15 minutes it is about who can unravel the solution out of the last acquired clue and the information gathered earlier and report at the exit first. Speed is rewarded. Is your group sharp enough to eventually escape and secure the trophy? Eternal fame and a nice reward awaits the winning team!

Wishes of the group

In the quiz we can take into account special group wishes such as the team layout. This program can also be offered in both Dutch and English. The program can be expanded with a special prize for the winning team. In addition, this program can also be booked separately without dinner and can be organized as a drink variant in your own private café.

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