• Sandwich lunch

  • Sandwich lunch

  • Sandwich lunch

  • Sandwich lunch

Sandwiches Lunch 

Would you like to have lunch at our cafe? That is also possible of course, the whole year through! The sandwich lunch is a good basic lunch, including milk, buttermilk and orange juice.

3 x Topped Sandwich per person

  • Brown bread with serrano ham, aioli and arugula
  • Farmers bread with old cheese, balsamic syrup and salad
  • Bread with roast beef, truffle mayonnaise, arugula and cucumber
  • Corn bread with smoked salmon, sour cream, cucumber, red onion and egg


  • Variation of petit fours


  • Milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Fresh orange juice

Lunch complements

Price inclusing VAT

Homemade creamy tomato soup

€ 4,50 per person

Homemade French onion soup

€ 5,50 per person

Greek salad

€ 4,25 per person

Cucumber salad

€ 3,25 per person

Pasta salad

€ 4,00 per person

Croquette sandwich

€ 4,00 per person

Sausage roll

€ 3,25 per person

Meatball sandwich

€ 4,75 per person

Fresh fruit salad

€ 4,75 per person


€ 2,25 per person

Mini muffin, brownie or donut

€ 3,00 per person

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