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Group Dinners

Menu A Burger menu

-Soup of the day

Main courses:
-Delirium Burger, burger from the grill with Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bacon and Delirium cheese
-Vegetarian burger, tastefully prepared
-Chicken burger, burger made from chicken breast, crispy baked

The main courses are served with fries and salad.

-Dame Blanche

 €22.50 inclusive of VAT per person

Menu B Mix & Match


The Delirium Plate is suitable for 4 people and consists of:
-Beef carpaccio with pesto
-Smoked salmon with cream cheese
-Délirium cheese with honey mustard sauce
-Mozzarella with tomato skewer

Main course:
-Chicken sate with prawn crackers, salad and fries
-Délirium Burger with bacon and cheese, lettuce and fries
-Fish & Chips
-Vegetarian quiche with green salad

-Petit Grand Desser

€26.50 inclusive of VAT per person

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