• Beer & burgers

  • Beer & burgers

Beer & Burgers 

A night out does not have to be complicated to be a success. Beer and burgers have long been the perfect and indispensable combination. A combination that guarantees a successful evening! Are you coming for a nice Friday afternoon reception with your colleagues or to celebrate the weekend with your friends? It is all possible with us! Let us know and we are happy take care of it for you in Amsterdam!

Our bartender is ready for you with a delicious specialty beer on the tap of your choice. Will you choose a fresh blond beer or start the evening with a sturdy tripel? In our wide assortment you are sure to find your ideal match. In addition, you will receive two drinking coins which you can spend on a delicious drink from our Dutch assortment (alternately Kronenbourg or Heineken beer, wine or soda).

We will definitely not disappoint you with culinary either; Our homemade burger is one to come back for! The real burger has made its comeback and is inseparable from the street scene. Before a simple burger would have easily satisfied, now the wheat is separated from the chaff! Let the mouth-watering begin…

Beer & burgers includes:
-Two drinking coins to spend yourself (alternately Kronenbourg or Heineken, soda and wine)
-1 specialty beer from the tap per person
-1 Delirium burger with bacon, Delirium cheese, lettuce and fries per person

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