Texels Skuumkoppe

Texels Skuumkoppe

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Style :Wheat Ale
ABV : 6
CL : 30
Country : Oudeschild, Netherlands
Brewery : Texelse Bierbrouwerij

Texels Skuumkoppe is the first hand-brewed dark wheat beer of high fermentation in the Netherlands. The brewer uses only natural raw materials, such as rye flour and wheat flour of Texel, hops, roasted rye flour and water purified by the dunes.

No herbs are added. Texels Skuumkoppe is an unfiltered beer with 6% alcohol that grinds on the bottle. This little bit of yeast at the bottom of the bottle makes the beer extra creamy. Texels Skuumkoppe thanks its name to the white 'vacuum' on the dark sea that the beach jutters saw as they tore off the beach looking for lost shipwrecks.

It's a true thirst lesser and it's best at a temperature of 6 ° C. This special beer of the island of Texel gets its full creamy taste by rolling the bottle first and then by opening it.

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