Workshop Beer Brewing



From €64,50 p.p.


From 10 persons

Workshop with Beer Flights
Label design
Fried snacks
At least 4 liters of home-brewed beer

Beer Brewing In Amsterdam

A unique concept that cannot be boo ked almost anywhere else, but with us in Amsterdam you can! Do you want to brew your own beer? That is now possible with us. Delirium Café has not been inactive the past year and has been busy with a unique concept and a special place where this can be booked. Our own beer brewery! You will be received by our beer brewer, who will first and foremost explain what you will be doing. He will go through the whole process: the crushing of the malt and mashing, filtering, adding herbs and then the most fun and most important of all: tasting! The workshop will last for about four hours in total. Considering there are several waiting processes in the workshop, it can be perfectly combined with a meeting or a nice dinner! There is also time to develop your own label, because those who brew their own beer will surely want their own logo as well!

During the workshop all tricks of the beer trade will be explained and there will of course be room for questions. After you have gone through all of the processes and have tasted your own beer, the beer will be poured into a fermentation tank and after six weeks it can be bottled with the personally designed label. What makes our brewery so special is that there is also an indoor barbecue installed! This means that you can simultaneously brew beer and barbecue the whole year through! For example, you can make your own hamburger and the fries and salads will be served alongside; A nice activity that can be performed in between brewing! For beer and burgers you are at the right place with us, as well as barbecuing at the IJ, at our café with its own terrace.

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