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From 17,50 per person

From 1 person
5 craft beers
Small bites included

Taste your favorite beers

Our beer tastings are perfect for trips with friends, business groups and families who would like to combine an informal afternoon in combination with delicious specialty beers. Throughout 1,5 hours you will receive one tasting glass of 15 cl. at a time. In total you will taste five specialty beers. To really bring out the flavour of the beers, each beer is served with a condiment in the form of small snacks. Then a short explanation about the beer by our bartender follows. The rest of the tasting is on your own, but should you have questions, you can always ask them of course. This tasting can be booked in three different categories. We namely have the tasting Basic, Mix & Match and De Luxe. Do you also wish to make use of our beer brewing workshop or experience our tastings with a group? We would like to hear from you!


Tasting Bronze is our standard tasting. Here you get five beers on the tap, composed by us.

€17,50 p.p. ex. vat. 
From 1 person

Mix & Match

Tasting Silver also consists of beers on the tap, but here you can compose the beers yourself and choose from all 20 beers we have on the tap at that moment. In principle we always have the same beers on tap, except for five of them. Each month five beers change on our tap.

€23,50 p.p. ex. vat.
From 15 persons

De Luxe

The beer tasting Gold is an exclusive tasting, in which a selection is made of five nice beers we have in the bottle. There is also a beer specialist present who gives an extensive explanation of each beer and of the entire tasting. A selection is made of five nice beers we have in the bottle. During the tasting all aspects of the beer are addressed. Think of the brewing processes, the history of special beers, beer types and how you should actually taste a proper beer.

€29,50 p.p. ex. vat.
From 20 persons

Learn all about exclusive beers

Is a standard beer tasting not enough? Then De Luxe beer tasting is for you. One of our beer specialists is present at the beer tasting to tell you everything about the special beers that you are going to taste.

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