Watou Wit

Watou Wit

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Stijl :Witbier
ABV : 5.1
CL : 33
Land : Poperinge-Watou, Belgium
Brouwerij : Van Eecke

Watou's Witbier has been made by the family-owned Brouwerij Van Eecke since 1988.

A traditional Belgian style Witbier (or Biere Blanche). Pale yellow in colour, a foaming white head sits atop a cloudy body. The characteristic notes of citrus and coriander present strongly, with a little doughy malt and spicy yeast.

The taste is at first light and dry, allowing the flavours to evolve through the beer. The use of both Curacao orange peel and lemon peel ensure a good dose of citrus, and coriander gives the defined spice. There are hints of apricot and lemon peel in the aftertaste, as well as a little peppery spiciness from the yeast.

As is typical for witbier, this beer is refreshing for a warm afternoon. It is a great accompaniment to fresh seafood dishes, and a classic compliment to a bowl of mussels and frites! 

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