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Who is the Chef?

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Who is the Chef?
Who is the Chef?
Who is the Chef?

A few years a go, no one had ever heard about spelt bread or a quinoa salad as a healthy lunch. Nowadays healthy food is hip and happening! Exchanging new recipes, having a tasty lunch on a Sunday afternoon, long-lasting dinners with friends or colleagues and culinary television shows: food is hot!

In this game you will battle in teams, answering all sorts of questions about food, drinks and interesting facts! In the mean time your chef will prepare a delightful 3-course dinner or buffet. Each team has to choose a team name and a team member to be the captain, who will be recognised by a typical chef’s hat! Between every course, you will play the game and battle with each other.

Multiple questions will pass by. How much cheese does a typical Dutchie eat every year? How many calories are there in a bitterball? How many chefs names can you come up with, without mistakes, and how many Michelin starred restaurants can be found in the Netherlands?

And that’s not all! All your senses will be aroused during this game. This game isn’t just all about knowledge, don’t forget about the feeling and tasting! Cover your eyes with a bandage and try to guess the herbs, feel the differents ingredients and guess what they are!  It’s a culinairy game filled with surprises!

The game and dinner combined will take up 3 hours and it’s all about having an interactive evening with each other!

The price for this arrangement only includes the game. It is optional to combine it with a three course dinner or buffet. The drinks can be invoiced, or you can opt for one of our drink arrangements.



Number of persons Prijs p.p. incl. 21% VAT Prijs p.p. excl. 21% VAT
15 to 30 persons € 35,70 € 29,50
30 to 50 persons € 29,65 € 24,50
50 tot 80 persons € 26,01 € 21,50