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Video Bingo

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Video Bingo
Video Bingo
Video Bingo

The greatest music videos and hits together in one Video Bingo! Video Bingo is derived from the classic bingo, but now the numbers are replaced by classic & greatest hits on video! The game of  bingo is is a bit outdated, but this Video Bingo is the newest and the latest and a lot of fun! We play the video clips on a screen; if a video clip matches an artist and song on your Video Bingo card, you cross it off. Once you have a row of crosses, you have VIDEO BINGO! Then there will be a check to see if the Video Bingo is valid. If this is not the case, something needs to be done in exchange of course…

Play this game with your friends, colleagues or family and win fun and hilarious prices! This game can be played by anyone, at any time of day and can be a perfect component of a party. Of course it is allowed to sing and dance along with the hits that will be played. Nothing is mandatory, anything goes!

Video Bingo is a great way to check your knowledge about music. From ABBA to Avicii, from old to new, it will all be there in this fun Video Bingo game! In short, this game is interactive, easy and very entertaining. Compete with each other and win fun prices! Together we will make it a musical party!

The Video Bingo includes:

  • DJ
  • Host
  • Video Bingo cards
  • Prizes
  • Organization

The Video Bingo does not include:

  • Drinks and bites

We can extend this package with a dinner if you like.


Number of persons
Price p.p. incl. 6% VAT Prijs p.p. excl. 6% VAT
30 to 40 persons € 33,39 € 31,50
40 to 50 persons € 28,09 € 26,50
50 to 60 persons € 23,85 € 22,50