The Drink with Bitterballs - Délirium Café Amsterdam

The Drink with Bitterballs

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The Drink with Bitterballs
The Drink with Bitterballs
The Drink with Bitterballs

The Délirium Café is well known as: The Place To Beer! Are you looking for a nice alternative for a get together with your colleagues, friends or family? Then you can choose for the Drink with Bitterballs! With this typical dutch snack next to your drink, you have the perfect combination of specialty beers and bites. And besides the bitterballs, we will also serve a tasty mini-hamburger!

There is also the possibility to expand this arrangement with a small beer test! We developed special beerbooks which include interesting facts and fun questions. This is a great way to test your beer knowledge and battle with your colleagues, friends or family! You can do this beertest individually or in a team. When you have filled out everything you can collect your books, bring them to the bartenders who will check the questions and hand-over the price to the winner of the evening!

The Drink with Bitterballs includes:

  • 1 specialty draft beer
  • 2 Kronenburg beer, soda or wine
  • 3 bitterballs per person
  • 1 mini hamburger per person

The Drink with Bitterballs package will take 1 to 1,5 hours.


To complete your event, we can arrange a DJ to spice up the evening! Our DJ will make it a night to remember! The price for an allround DJ is based on 4 hours and includes the sound equipment and DJ booth.

This package deal can be booked for a minimum of 8 people.


  Price incl. VAT Price excl. VAT
Drink with Bitterballs (min. 8 persons) € 17,50 per person € 14,62 per person
Beer booklet € 6,50 per booklet € 5,37 per booklet
DJ (optional) € 585,65 € 552,50