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Sparkling Bubbles

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Sparkling Bubbles
Sparkling Bubbles
Sparkling Bubbles
Sparkling Bubbles

The Délirium Café Amsterdam is an authentic beercafé, but we will never limit ourselves! We love to surprise our guests with new and special products. One of our newest products is the Sparkling Bubbles! Do you have a celebration for a special occasion? An anniversary, birthday or a party with your company? We will put you in the spotlight with our sparkling bubbles! We will welcome the guests with a led-lighted prosecco glass, filled with high quality, delicious prosecco, which is imported from Italy! The glasses will give your party that extra sparkle! It’s not just the glasses that will steal the show, we can’t forget about the special bottles! These exclusive and classy prosecco bottles complete the evening and we even have multiple colours; white, pink, gold and silver. The matchting glasses are available in pink, gold and green. The sparkling bubbels can be served to your guests by our professional hostesses. These ladies will wear classy outfits of your choice. We have different clothingsets to choose from, all with a dazzling sparkle!


Desired option Price incl. 21% VAT Price excl. 21% VAT

Prosecco bottle White

€ 29,65

€ 24,50

Prosecco bottle Gold, Silver, Pink

€ 36,30

€ 30,00

Led-lighted prosecco glasses

€ 1,82 per glass

€ 1,50 per glass


€ 25,00 per hour

€ 20,66 per hour

Clothing inhouse

€ 15,00 per hour

€ 12,40 per hour

New bought clothing for special theme

On request

On request