Rent your own Café 'Loesje' - Délirium Café Amsterdam

Rent your own Café ‘Loesje’

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Rent your own Café ‘Loesje’
Rent your own Café ‘Loesje’
Rent your own Café ‘Loesje’

Are you looking for the perfect location for a private dinner, tasting, presentation, workshop or party? Then the concept: “Rent your own Café” is perfect for you!

In August 2015 the Delirium Cafe Amsterdam has expanded again: Café Loesje opened its doors next to Café Kootje. The theme of our third café is The Bridge. Loesje is build directly under the bridge and the complete scenery and bar is adjusted to this theme! It is the bridge of the Piet Heinkade, near the Passenger Terminal.

The interior of this Amsterdam cafe is cozy and intimate, so groups will feel at home here. The café can be used for dinner themes , such as the populair escape dinners, and also for all kinds of workshops. Café Loesje can accommodate groups up to 60 people, depending on the placing.

Café Loesje has all modern conveniences, including a projector and a screen for presentations, a proper internet connection and there are even possibilities for a professional music installation. The café has it’s own entrance and toilets and the guests can moor by boat!

There are various configurations possible, so that we can customize the café to your liking. For instance a theatre setting, high tables for a casual drink, or a dinner setting. Inquire about the possibilities!

We can organize a beer tasting, beer quiz, dinner or drinks in your very own café. But the doors are also open for birthdays, meetings, games and parties.

By combining the two cafés Kootje & Loesje, we create one large area for up to 120 guests. So if you’re thinking about an event for larger groups, the Délirium Café is the right place!

Do you have another idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a proposal!

For a minimum bar revenue of € 500, Café Loesje is yours for 4 hours. For a minimum bar revenue of € 1,000, both Café Kootje and Café Loesje are yours for 4 hours!