3-course dinner (2) - Délirium Café Amsterdam

3-course dinner (2)

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3-course dinner (2)
3-course dinner (2)
3-course dinner (2)

This menu can be booked from 25 persons and will be served as a buffet. In case you’d like the dinner to be served to the tables, extra charges apply. We would like the menu choices for the main course in advance.

Starter (served with bread)

  • Delirium Plate: a tapas plate for four persons with delicious meat, fish and vegetarian tapas

Main Course

  • Baby veal with sauerkraut mashed potatoes, baked apples and a balsamic gravy
  • Salmon filled with fresh herbs, a stew of spring onion and tomatoes
  • Rich vegetarian lasagna filled with grilled vegetables and tomato sauce


  • Petit Grand Dessert: a plate with 4 sweet treats by the chef


Number of persons
Price incl. 6% VAT Prijs excl. 6% VAT
From 25 persons € 24,- per person € 22,64 per person

Do you have any further questions, or would you like to know more about the options we offer at Délirium Café Amsterdam? Please contact us using the form below.