La Trappe Quadrupel on oak - Délirium Café Amsterdam

La Trappe Quadrupel on oak (Quadrupel, 10.0%)

La Trappe Quadrupel on oak

These barrels originate from various whiskey distilleries, such as Bowmore, Tamdhu, Strathspey and Laphroaig (Johnstons). The aromas of the whiskeys clearly influence the ultimate flavour. This flavour is considerably and clearly different from that of the previous batches. Peat and burnt are clearly present, while wood and tannins from wood are more difficult to recognize. The warming effect in combination with the full, strong flavour which the whiskey barrels have added to the Quadrupel may turn this batch into the most tasteful ever.

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Alcohol percentage
The Netherlands
Brouwerij de Koningshoeven
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