Jopen Extra Stout - Délirium Café Amsterdam

Jopen Extra Stout (Stout, 5.5%)

Jopen Extra Stout

The Extra Stout is a beer style that was brewed in Haarlem until early 1900, among others by breweries “Het Scheepjesgulden” and “Lans en het Hert”. The beer style is a slightly heavier form of Irish Stout which usually contains around 4.5% alcohol. The Extra Stout contains 5.5% alcohol and has the roasted taste distinctive for a Stout, witha  bitterness of 45 EBU. In the Netherlands Extra Stout has been brewed until the turn of the century by Heineken in the form of Van Vollenhoven Stout. Jopen Extra Stout has a roasted bitter flavour reminiscent of espresso coffee and dark chocolate.

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Alcohol percentage
The Netherlands
Brouwerij Jopen
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